Women Write Better Code!

Computer code written by women has a higher approval rating than that written by men – but only if their gender is not identifiable, new unpublished research suggests. The US researchers analysed nearly 1.4 million users of the open source program-sharing service Github. They found that pull requests – or suggested code changes – made on the service by women were more likely to be accepted than those by men. The researchers, from the computer science departments at Caly Poly and North Carolina State University, looked at around four million people who logged on to Github on a single day – 1 April 2015.

Startups 101 for Students

Startups 101 for Students” organised by Frontline Ventures in partnership with Dublin Startup Commissioner’s Office is a non-commercial event for Irish university students looking to get into the startup ecosystem.

When: Wed March 2nd (5-7PM)
Where: Dogpatch Labs, The CHQ Building, Custom House Square, Dublin

The event is FREE and tickets are available via https://ti.to/frontline/startups-101-for-students

Stories In Sound – Jocelyn And The Radio Star, Sunday 7 February, BBC Radio Ulster, 12.30pm

Stories In Sound – Jocelyn And The Radio Star
Sunday 7 February
BBC Radio Ulster, 12.30pm

Marie-Louise Muir meets Lurgan-born scientist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, famous both for making one of the most significant astronomical discoveries of the 20th century and for the Nobel Prize controversy that ensued.

In Stories In Sound – Jocelyn And The Radio Star, on BBC Radio Ulster on Sunday 7 February at 12.30pm, they discuss sexism in the Sixties, inspiring young women today and the search for meaning in the universe.

For further information: http://www.bbc.co.uk/radioulster

Coding Grace Event: International Day Of the Girl/EU Code Week

CoderDojoGirls, Girls Hack Ireland and Coding Grace have combined forced for an artsy themed coding hackathon to celebrate International Day Of the Girl and EU Code Week.

This is a one day event focusing on programming music and developing game apps. If you’ve never coded before this is the right place to start! If you’ve coded before, betcha you’ve not programmed music using Sonic Pi or make a story-telling game with Fungus Games!

Mentors will be available to support all who attend. Parents who are interested will have the opportunity to learn Python.

There will also be a Stem Ed workshop for any teachers who wish to attend. The day will also feature demos and cool hacks.

Participants under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.
Kids must have a laptop.

LOCATION: DCU Innovation Campus, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 11, Dublin
TIME: Sat, 10th Oct 2015 10:00 – 16:00

For further information: http://www.codinggrace.com/events/coder-girl-hack-day-celebrate-international-day-gi/56/

Coding Grace Event: Introduction to R

R is one of the most widely used programming language in the arena of analytics, data mining and data science. It’s open source and cross-platform, giving you freedom of when and where you use it. This workshop will introduce you to the world of R in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are new to programming or an experienced programmer, this workshop will be of benefit to you.

LOCATION: S206 (Stokes Building), DCU, Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Dublin
TIME: Sat, 26th Sep 2015 11:00 – 16:00
COST: €20

For further information: http://www.codinggrace.com/events/introduction-r/55/

TweetChat by DiscoverE’s #GlobalMarathon and Engineers Ireland

What: To have a conversation with women in engineering and technology about shyness in the workplace, how it affects women and ways to overcome it. The chat will be hosted by Engineers Ireland and DiscoverE’s Global Marathon team. The Global Marathon is a virtual event for, by and about women in engineering and technology.

Why: A study by LinkedIn shows that 56% of women believe they are overlooked for a promotion because they are shy. It also prevents them from networking and socializing with colleagues outside of work. An article published by Psychology Today claims that the advent of modern technology puts shy people at an increasing disadvantage due to fewer opportunities for professional and personal interactions.

How we can help: DiscoverE started this conversation with women in engineering and technology careers around the globe at the 2015 Global Marathon where women shared their experiences and tips to gain confidence and be successful in their careers. This TweetChat is an opportunity to share personal stories about how shyness affects women in the workplace and to provide empowering and practical tools that all women can use to be more confident in their professional and personal lives.

Who should Attend: Female professionals, female engineering and technology professionals, students

When: Friday, September 25th 2015, 9am U.S. Eastern Time; 2pm Irish time

Where: Attendees can join the conversation by following along on Twitter via #GlobalMarathon and @DiscoverEorg and @EngineerIreland.