WITS is a voluntary organisation and is operated in accordance with the association’s rules.

Each year at the AGM an executive is elected as per the rules and they are tasked with running the organisation on a day-to-day basis.

Michael D. Higgins
President of Ireland

Catriona Ward
Aileen McGrath

Mary Sharp
Ena Prosser

EXECUTIVE 2016/2017
Chair: Mary Carroll
Vice-Chair: Vicky Twomey-Lee
Treasurer: Marie Barrett
Secretary: Julie Hogan

Lisa Cavern
Lara Cutlar
Anne-Marie Flaherty
Belinda Grehan
Oonagh Monahan (Sligo/Leitrim)
Jane O’Hara
Marion Palmer
Kate Reidy
Sandra Riordan (Galway)
Magaly Mora (Cork)


Mary Carroll, Vice-Chair

Mary Carroll, Chair

Mary Carroll is a Business Strategist and Coach, who started her career in Design Engineering and has held senior management roles in Engineering and Business Development. She has also worked for international aid organisations. Mary now helps individuals and organisations to grow through her business and has developed “Double X” (, supporting organisations in benefiting from all their talent.



Vicky Twomey Lee

Vicky Twomey Lee,  Vice Chair

Vicky Twomey-Lee is a software engineer, but can be found nowadays organising community tech workshops and events with a focus on advocating diversity in the tech community. She has manages the Python Ireland [1] user group since mid-May 2005, and chaired four annual Irish Python conference, PyCon Ireland [2][3]. She was nominated and became a member of the Python Software Foundation [4] in 2012, and also became a board member of the EuroPython Society [5] that year. She launched PyLadies Dublin [6] in October 2013 and is the main organiser. She co-founded and is also the main organiser of Coding Grace [7], which runs language agnostic, diversity-friendly workshops and events. Games has always been in her interests, so much so, she co-founded GameCraft Foundation [8] to run community game jams so people can “Connect, Create, Collaborate”. Her focus to bring like-minded people together, grow, learn and support each other.

You can find her on Twitter: @whykay



Marie Barrett

Marie Barrett


Julie Hogan

Julie Hogan

Julie Hogan studied Electronics Engineering in NIHE Limerick, and has been working in R&D for the past 26 years in Ireland and abroad. Currently she runs a small R&D team in Memjet Ireland, Dublin, with a team of 13 scientists and engineers (4 of whom are women) working on digital print engine controller design and MEMS printhead design. Her current role combines technical, project management and management responsibilities, and she has previously worked in all three areas at different times for ARM in Cambridge, ParthusCeva in Dublin, Silicon and Software Systems (S3) in Dublin and AT&T in Bray with secondments to the Netherlands and Australia.


Lisa Cavern

Lisa Cavern

Lisa Cavern is a postgraduate student of Computing and Software Development at DIT, currently working on her final project: an online grammar practice game for primary school students. As an educator Lisa has taught in a range of contexts including primary schools, adult education centres, coding workshops and outdoor schools. Lisa loves learning and sharing the why and how of the world around us and is passionate about promoting equality in the sciences and technology.


Lara Cutlar

Lara Cutlar

Lara Cutlar completed her PhD at UCD in the summer of 2015, and is continuing that work on a non-viral gene therapy for a terrible skin fragility condition, called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB) at the Charles Institute of Dermatology. She works with polymers, which also have really long names and bacteria to make a DNA delivery system for the skin of people with RDEB. Her past positions include those at the Health Research Board (HRB) and Quintiles. She is an active member of the Research Staff Association (RSA) in UCD, fundraises for DEBRA Ireland, and actively pursues the dissemination of how awesome science is. She tweets at @cuttyla.


Marion Palmer, Chair

Marion Palmer, Chair

Dr Marion Palmer is Head of the Department of Technology and Psychology at IADT and chair of the Institute’s Teaching and Learning Committee. Her research interests are teaching, assessment and technology enhanced learning and she researched teaching in Irish Institutes of Technology for her EdD. Marion was a NAIRTL Award of Teaching Excellence winner for 2011. Prior to joining IADT Marion was a science teacher for twenty years and taught in schools in London and Dublin. She also worked in curriculum development for the NCCA. Marion joined WITS at its inception in 1990 and is now chair. Marion tweets @mpalmeriadt


Kate Reidy

Kate Reidy

Kate Reidy is a JS undergraduate and Foundation Scholar of TCD studying Nanoscience, Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials (NPCAM). She is heavily involved in science communication and outreach within the college as Editor of the Trinity Student Scientific Review Journal and has also worked with the City of Physics campaign and tutoring students at the Physics Help Room. She loves to travel and has completed research internships both in TCD and internationally, in Aarhus University, Denmark and Kazan, Russia. Her main research interests are in nanotechnology and novel materials and hopes to pursue a PhD after graduating. She is a recipient of the Women in Physics scholarship, TCD and is passionate about promoting WITs among the college and wider community.


Magaly Mora

Magaly V. Mora is a quality professional with experience in manufacturing and validations environments of electronic products and medical devices. She studied Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Master of Science with specialisation in Quality Systems and Productivity in Mexico (ITESM). Magaly is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an ISO Internal Auditor. Magaly is interested in volunteering causes related to education. She is a link creator who enjoys meeting new people and working with multidisciplinary teams. She is a WITS member since October 2016 and she is interested to know more STEM women. Magaly tweets @MagalyVarinia



WITS is primarily funded by corporate and individual members subscriptions. Funding has been received from the EU and the Irish Government for specific projects.