Open Call to serve on Royal Irish Academy Multidisciplinary Committees

The aims of the Committees are to provide scientific and scholarly expertise and to promote the value of the sciences, humanities and social sciences.

They will work, on an all-island basis, to support and sustain the broad range of disciplines represented by the Committees, and to strengthen the engagement of these communities in national and international scholarship.

The duties of the Committees are to:

  • Address and raise issues, including those of public concern, relevant to its shared expertise
  • Contribute to the public engagement programme of the Academy
  • Improve the Academy’s capacity to engage with the wider scholarly community in Ireland
  • Advise the Academy on the formulation of policy at national, European and international levels
  • Enhance the Academy’s capacity for increasing the engagement of its Members in its activities and affairs
  • Provide support for grant and award review panels
  • Be the national adhering mechanism for relevant international unions where appropriate
  • Undertake other such activities as might be appropriate.

The term of office of these committees will be four years. It is expected that the Committees will meet three or four times per year.

There are 10 Multidisciplinary Committees:

  1. Climate Change and Environmental Sciences
  2. Coiste Léann na Gaeilge, Litríocht na Gaeilge agus na gCultúr Ceilteach
  3. Engineering and Computer Science
  4. Ethical, Political, Legal and Philosophical Studies
  5. Geosciences and Geographical Sciences
  6. Historical Studies
  7. Life and Medical Sciences
  8. Physical, Chemical and Mathematical Sciences
  9. Social Sciences
  10. Languages, Literature, Culture and Communication

To express interest in serving on one of the committees please fill in this short form no later than 17:00 Friday 16 February, 2018. Please send any queries to Karen Ayton at

For further info visit the website.