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My Tech summit journey started with an email from Dr Marion Palmer informing me I had won tickets or the Dublin Tech Summit. I attended for a half day on 15th February and 16th February. As I entered the Convention Centre the main focal point was the Robothespian, called George. The life sized humanoid robot designed for Human interaction was fully interactive, multilingual and user friendly.

I was quite overwhelmed by the experience and how vast and overwhelming the venue was, 5 floors of speakers from across Start-ups and the Corporate world. There was a full 2 day schedule of speakers that spoke for 10/15 minutes and then there was always an interactive and “lively” session.

Day 1

I went to Gary Vaynerchuk’s talk #GaryVee whose talk was both motivational and inspirational and had 2000 attendees. Gary started out working with his Dad in a liquor store in the US and then set up a wine Business online, even though a lot of people told him an online wine Business would never succeed. He contributes his success to being authentic, honest and getting good advice from other people. One of his quotes “It’s not about how much I make, I’m an extremely happy guy “. Gary also alluded to the concept of “Clouds and Dirt “and from myself coming from a Corporate World, there needs to be a balance in achieving your Business Goal and Strategy – Executives can sometime be in the Cloud and removed from Reality but can have a lot of influence and contribute to the Company’s Strategy. But at the “Dirt” level, the people that do the work need to try and engage with the Cloud in order to drive success in Business. He said “I didn’t get here by accident. I did my work. I commit”.

There was also a discussion re: Social Media and the best way to communicate – Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook – each which brings its own unique-ness. Gary’s opinion was that Twitter is the only pure plate social network let – other platforms are pushing their features. If you would like to see Gary Vee’s interview at the Tech Summit You Tube videos.

Day 2 
I attended a few sessions on the second day.

  • Creating a Real Customer Experience @PiaBenton, moderated by Neil Leydon, RTE. As part of Customer Experience and HCI (Human computer interaction) feedback and listening is important. As UI and UX Designers, it is important to Prototype, use the right process, look at Data Visualisation, engagement with the Customer and ensure good Design Principles. It is important to work in teams for Collaborating and also need to ensure relevance for the Older audience as well.
  • BlockChain Technology – #BrucePon #BigChainDB
    BlockChain is where Payments within Banking meets Technology. Blockchain is currently being piloted by Royal Bank of Scotland. The big issue with BlockChain is the element of Trust. You also need to ensure you have the correct 1) Platforms 2) Processing and 3) Storage. There will always be a challenge in the Banking Industry as the Banks are highly regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and there may be security and compliance issues.
    Emer O'Brien and Marion Palmer at Dublin Tech Summit

To summarise, I loved the opportunity to experience the Tech Summit

From the Startups and the different mix of people at the event, from students to entrepreneurs to The Corporate World where companies like Accenture, RTE and Royal Bank of Scotland were in attendance. Being at the cutting edge of Technology is important and the way the “digital” world is going both for Start-Ups and the Corporate world definitely gave me a very good insight into how Technology can change a person’s life and grow your Business.

Thanks again to WITS Ireland for the tickets.

Emer O’ Brien, @emerobr
Bio: I am a Senior application Developer with 16 years’ experience working in Zurich Insurance, Blackrock doing developments in various programming languages and working with Database Technologies supporting our Business community. Our IT and Operations department is going through a transformation, which should lead Zurich Ireland into a leading insurance company on the market both from a Service and Technology perspective.