Women in Technology and Science

Who we are

Women in Technology and Science (WITS) is a national independent voluntary organisation.

Founded in November 1990 to actively promote women in technology and science in Ireland, WITS has informed and educated, completed projects, held events and published two books celebrating the lives and achievements of STEM women.

WITS members come from all areas in STEM, from industry and academia, and range in age and experience from third level students to some of the country’s most eminent senior academics and business people.

WITS is proud to have Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland as Patron.

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We aim to recruit, retain, return, revere and remember women in STEM.

WITS members are of all ages, from STEM students to retirees and they come from all STEM sectors, both public and private. The following are just a highlight of some of our members

The 2020 Executive Committee developed a 5-year Strategy for 2021-2025. We defined a 5-year top-level Goal, 4 Strategic Objectives to support that Top Level Goal and an Action Plan to pursue those objectives.

As founder of Women in Technology and Science (WITS), Mary Mulvihill played a vital role in highlighting the often neglected role of women in the history of Irish science. She edited two collections of biographies of Irish women scientists and...

WITS is a voluntary organisation and is operated in accordance with the association's rules. Each year at the AGM an executive is elected as per the rules and they are tasked with running the organisation on a day-to-day basis.