Women in Technology and Science

WITS Strategy 2018-2020

The 2017 Executive Committee developed a 3-year Strategy for 2018-2020. It developed a new vision and mission for WITS as well as our values. A 3-year top-level Goal with 7 Strategic Objectives to support that Top Level Goal and an Action Plan to pursue those objectives.

The strategy was approved by members at the 2017 AGM. It was reported annually from 2018 and the strategy concluded in 2020.


A society where women have equal opportunities, experiences and recognition in STEM


A voluntary, independent organisation advocating, connecting and acting for women to benefit society as full and vital participants in STEM


Fair play

TOP LEVEL GOAL: 2018-2020

To grow our profile and membership and collaborate with like-minded organisations to progress our mission of advocating, acting and connecting to have women as full participants in STEM


Working together with
• Women in STEM to identify and support their needs
• Other stakeholders to maximise the potential of women in STEM

Full strategy document is available to download here.