Women in Technology and Science

What we do

Since 1990, WITS projects made a real difference to the number of women recruited, retained and returned to the STEM workforce.

WITS actively engages in promoting the positive value of STEM to society and in forming and disseminating policy, especially where STEM research and decisions have an impact on women.

In 2015, WITS organised a tour of the LIFELOGGING LAB, Science Gallery, Dublin and hosted a talk by Dr Helen Sheridan, TCD School of Pharmacy, who spoke on "From Caterpillars to Clinical trials - A personal and scientific journey".

In 2014, WITS unveiled a plaque to Matilda Knowles, the renowned natural scientist, at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin. WITS also co-organised the UnFAIL UnConference.

In June 2013, WITS honoured the work of Northern Irish astro-physicist Jocelyn Bell Burnell with an event at the European Parliament office in Dublin (June, 2013) at which she was presented with an original art work inspired by her discovery of pulsars, by the Spanish artist/scientist, Margarita Cimadevila.

WITS NI hosted a schools and public engagement event with the leading NASA JPL engineer, Nagin Cox in April 2013. While Dr Emma Teeling (University College Dublin) helped WITS celebrate International Women's Day (March 2013) with a STEM on Stage lecture on the bat genome.

In 2011, WITS launched its Lifetime Achievement Awards, honouring Professor Dervilla Donnelly for her significant contribution to the area of technology and science.

All WITS events are publicised through the regular newsletter and social media. Members are also kept up to date on key STEM policies, funding opportunities and external events through the WITS bulletin.


WITS would like to introduce their four-part action manifesto*. These actions are vital to improving gender balance in science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), and encouraging women to consider STEM careers.

On 12 October 2014 a plaque was unveiled to Matilda Knowles, the renowned natural scientist, at the Botanic Gardens, Dublin. Born in Cullybackey, Co Antrim, Knowles was the authority on Irish lichens, identifying hundreds of species across the...

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On June 2013, WITS with the European Parliament office in Dublin co-hosted a unique event to honour the work of Professor Bell Burnell, who discovered pulsars as a graduate student in Cambridge. The event also considered the influence of her work...

WITS celebrated International Women's Day in 2013 with a STEM on Stage lecture in which the spotlight was shone on one of Ireland's leading women scientists/technologists and their work.

WITS presented its inaugural Lifetime Achievement award at a gala ball in Dublin on Saturday June 25th 2011, in recognition of the significant contribution made by Irish women in the area of technology and science.