Women in Technology and Science

Addressing Unconscious Bias

Why are nearly 60% of corporate CEOs in America over 6ft tall, when not even 15% of American men are over 6ft? Why would only 49% of people reviewing a CV with a female name deem the person worthy of hire when 79% reviewing the exact same CV, with a man’s name, elected to hire him?

‘Unconscious bias’ is bias that is automatic, outside our control and of which we are unaware. It triggers rapid assessments and judgements.

In order to survive, we have to make cognitive shortcuts based on our experience and background. The problem is that this results in some errors of judgement which can lead to unconscious bias in our treatment of other people and our decision making. We are all susceptible to it.

WITS corporate member, Growth Potential, offers Unconscious Bias workshops to raise awareness and educate people how to address it. They also support organisations with assessments and with developing and implementing programmes to mitigate against unconscious bias and develop a more inclusive culture.

For more information, contact Mary Carroll at info@growthpotential.ie / +353 (0)87 9933451 or download a brochure