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GoldMint, a Patch Accelerator project 2020

  • 29 September 2020

Dogpatch Labs runs Patch a 6 week long summer accelerator for 16 – 20 year olds. It brings together curious young people who want to work on projects and learn from the best.

Ruth Bergin and her team looked for a way to improve the process of writing performance reviews. Through the six weeks they developed GoldMint. Ruth writes:

The GoldMint of today is as simple as we can make it. We're now online, you can find our website here. The process is as follows:

  • A user (probably a manager, as they would write performance reviews the most) uses our web-app, mobile app, and/or email integration in their everyday lives whenever something happens with a colleague that they would like to address at review time.
  • We collate all of this in our database, offering visual analytics about their feedback activity- encouraging them to submit feedback as often as they can manage.
  • When they want to write a performance review, they can generate a template for each of their team members that consists of all of their notes, dated and in chronological order.

The objective of GoldMint is to make regular logging of feedback as easy as possible, taking the admin out of the process, so that when managers have to write performance reviews, they have a wealth of notes to which they can refer- rather than wracking their brains.

GoldMint is designed to be used by managers in SMEs. It's as lean as possible, and is a tool rather than a structure- meaning that managers can adapt it to their needs rather than having to conform to a rigid plan. Further, we plan to charge on a manager-by-manager basis, so the service can be implemented from the bottom up.

We've been alpha testing our platform, and we're about to move on to beta testing. We learned a huge amount over the course of Patch, not all of it related to feedback. It was an incredible experience. At the end of the six weeks, we pitched the idea to over 260 viewers, investors among them. You can find a video of the pitch (and the following Q&A) here. If you'd like to stay up to date with GoldMint, you can follow us on our LinkedIn,

Thanks to Ruth Bergin of UCC for this project update and thanks to the WITS members who helped her and the team during the project. Congratulations to Dogpatch Labs for the Patch programe, it runs each year.