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IDA Women in STEM, Ireland 2021

  • 16 September 2021

Women in STEM, Ireland

Congratulations to the IDA for Women in STEM, Ireland.
It is an overview of the programmes and initiatives which attract, retain and promote gender diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The coordinated framework is built around the three pillars of attraction, retention and promotion.

Ireland boasts a rich collaborative eco-system that implements targeted programmes to achieve gender diversity in STEM. The focus is on advancing and connecting women to inspire and empower them.


There are 35 programmes / initiatives that inspire female participation in science, technology, enginneering and mathematics. These programmes aim to attract girls to STEM and include:

  • BT Young Scientist
  • ESB Science Blast for primary school classes
  • iWish
  • Maths Sparks Problem-Solving Workshops
  • SciFest
  • Science Foundation Ireland: Discover Programme
  • Science Foundation Ireland: Smart Furtures
  • Teen-Turn
  • FIT.


There are 15 programmes /initiatives that engage females in STEM and encourage them to progress including:

  • EsTeEM mentoring
  • Intel's Women in Technology Scholarship Programme
  • Women Reboot.


WITS is featured 21 programmes and initiatives that elevate & advance females in science, technology, engineering and mathematics industries.

  • 30% Club
  • Connecting Women in Technology CWIT
  • House of STEM
  • Women Mean Business

The infographic finishes with Meet-Up Groups and Networks and this list includes Coding Grace, Women who Code and Gamecraft.

Thanks to the IDA for a great list. Any suggestions or omissions contact idaireland@ida.ie.