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IPA Free places postgraduate modules January 2021

  • 20 December 2020

IPA Free Places Postgraduate Modules January 2021

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) is offering free places on a number of its online postgraduate modules. The free places are funded by the Higher Education Authority (HEA) ’s Modular Skills Provision Programme.

You are eligible to apply if unemployed, returning to the labour market but not in receipt of unemployment benefit (e.g. those who have been caring for children), in employment and want to obtain new skills, or formerly self-employed.

The IPA is a recognized college of the National University of Ireland (NUI). Its postgraduate modules sit at Level 9 on the 10-point National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

These modules are delivered in a way that allows people gain important skills and knowledge without taking a considerable break from the labour market. They also provide building blocks to a full qualification should the student so wish, as each module contributes toward the Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Management / MSc in Business & Management. see here for further information.

Those in employment can also avail of the modules for which there will be 10% charge.

The modules are:

• Leadership and Strategy Implementation Exploring the place of leadership in implementing a business strategy, this module considers, among other things, contemporary debates on organisational leadership, how leaders manage change, and ethics and social responsibility in the organisation.

• Human Resource Management This module combines analysis of HRM theories and debates with examination of “real-life” HRM issues in the workplace. It explores job motivation, group dynamics, politics and conflict, human resource planning, and how organisations change.

• Finance This module introduces students to the core practices and tools used in finance units. It addresses, among other topics, financial strategy, business planning and budgeting, costing, investment appraisal, the management of cash, and financial statements.

• Organisation and Strategy This module is concerned with how organisations—public or private—decide upon strategies for their operation. It considers models by which decisions are made, how the competitive environment is assessed, how strategies are best evaluated, and how plans are implemented.

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA), a recognised college of the National University of Ireland, is offering fully funded places on its short modular postgraduate programmes in:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organisation and Strategy
  • Leadership and Strategy Implementation

Core Facts

  • These programmes take circa 12 weeks to complete.
  • They are delivered online and can be taken from anywhere in the country.
  • Students study course material in their own time and attend webinars for a half day on three weekends.
  • Students can take more than one module.
  • Students who successfully complete a module(s) earn credits toward the IPA’s Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Management.

Further information can be found HERE.

Please contact postgrad@ipa.ie for further information and an application form.

This initiative is part of the Higher Education Authority’s Stimulus Programme for Higher Education.