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New study for women with experience of pregnancy PRENCOS

  • 1 November 2020

PRENCOS New study for women with experience of pregnancy

Have you experienced pregnancy and are you interested in talking to researchers about how it should be studied?

WITS member Sarah Louise Killeen is a member of the PRENCOS research team. The team is looking for women with any experience of pregnancy (current or past) to speak with them, through a one-to-one interview, about what women eat during pregnancy. Specifically how researchers design studies that look at diet in pregnancy. The PRENCOS team want to know what outcomes women think researchers should measure in these studies.

Click on the links to find out about PRENCOS and about the interview and contact details for PRENCOS. Sign up here.

PRENCOS is looking to develop a Core Outcome Set for PREgnancy Nutrition research. Core Outcome Sets are a set or list of outcomes that are agreed, by consensus from relevant stakeholders, to be a minimum standard to report in a research study

This is important as it gives the "patient voice" to research studies and helps ensure that what researchers choose to look at, means something for the people they are studying.

When PRENCOS is developed, it is expected to be followed by research teams globally. By getting involved with PRENCOS, WITS members will be part of a large international project that shapes the global research agenda on diet and pregnancy.

Thanks to Sarah Louise Killeen Registered Dietitian & PhD Student, UCD Perinatal Research Centre, UCD School of Medicine.