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Soapbox Science Dublin 11 July 2020

  • 30 June 2020

Soapbox Science brings top female academics to their soapboxes to talk science with the public on the streets. Catch up with Soapbox Science in Dublin on Saturday 11 July between 2 and 6 pm.

Soapbox Science Dublin is live on YouTube on Saturday 11 July 2020 from 2-6 pm. We're delighted to see WITS members Laura Murphy TCD Astrophysics and Dr. Fatemeh Golpayegani UCD Computer Science among the speakers. Congratulations and best wishes Laura and Fatemeh. From Soapbox Science Ireland via Twitter. Image Soapbox Science Dublin.

Soapbox Science ran in Galway on Saturday 4 July from 12-2 pm. Talks this year were streamed live on Facebook with the following brilliant speakers and topics:

  • Dr Margaret Jackson, NUI Galway – “What can glaciers tell us about past climate?”
  • Ms Elena Pagter, Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology – “What’s all the commotion? Plastic pollution in the ocean”
  • Dr Nadeeka Rathnayake Kankanamge, NUI Galway – “Freshwater pollutants and how they transform in marine transitional zones”
  • Ms Gillian Murphy, NUI Galway – “Developing a Diabetes Drug Delivery Hydrogel using a Heart-Shaped Protein
  • Ms Maeve Louise Farrell, NUI Galway – “Making Waves: What’s Under the PIER?”
  • Ms Emily O’Dowd, NUI Galway – “How can we help our health service learn from its mistakes?”
  • Ms Aisling Murphy, NUI Galway – “Titanium Bone Plates - Is There an Alternative?”
  • Dr Ananya Gupta, NUI Galway – “The importance of physical activity - being Active is being Healthy”
  • Ms Chloe Walsh, NUI Galway – “Autism-friendly doctor visits: Tips for success”
  • Ms Sandra Brandon, NUI Galway – “Can a lung exercise programme improve my ability to eat, drink and swallow?”
  • Ms Marta Cabello, NUI Galway – “PalaeoExplorers: Sailing back in time to discover how the ocean will affect Ireland's climate future”
  • Ms Duré Basit, NUI Galway – “A pencil, some sticky tape and a Nobel Prize”