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Student 2020 Opportunities

  • 2 March 2020

Student 2020 Opportunities

Students: what are you doing this summer? WITS hears about opportinities for students and lists them here with their closing dates. Check back regularly.

May 2020

  • Google Inside Look 2020 now open for applications from computer science stsudents until 1 June 2020. It's virtual this year. Google invite students graduating later than August 2021, studying computer science or a related subject to apply for Inside Look Goes Digital on 27th & 28th August 2020. Selected attendees will be invited to join an immersive two-day virtual program, including tech talks, panels, technical interview practice and fun social activities. The program gives students an insider view into engineering at Google, and helps you to develop your skills in order to apply for tech internships.

April 2020

  • Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS) has 9 summer studentships: 3 in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2 in Theoretical Physics and 2 in Geophysics with 2 in Celtic Studies. Applications are now open with a closing date of 4 May 2020 @ 5 pm. The Studentships are designed for students nearing the end of their undergraduate studies, ideally for students about to enter the final year of their degree.
  • Read Google University Programs team's latest newsletter. There are Global Coding Compeitions e.g. Code Jam 2020 (it started on 3 April). Kick Start 2020 kicks off on 18 April and registration in open. Google is looking for students to be campus leaders for the Developer Student Clubs. Apply to be a DSC lead by 15 May 2020. You may like to watch the virtual Women @Google Tech Panel.

March 2020