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The Jacobs Women's Network Relaunch IWD March 2020

  • 5 May 2020

Jacobs is a global organisation providing technical professional services, with a talented workforce of more than 55,000. The company has developed from being a traditional engineering and construction provider into a team of multidisciplinary specialists with expertise in fields ranging from urban design to economics, and from aquatic ecology to stakeholder engagement.

The diverse team of visionaries, thinkers and doers at Jacobs change abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good, supporting its clients to deliver valuable societal solutions. Some of these include life-saving medicines and vaccines, essential public infrastructure and helping solve the most complex and hazardous challenges of space exploration.

The Jacobs Women’s Network (JWN) is a professional career development and social network within the organisation specifically dedicated to empowering female professionals. As a global network of women and men, JWN members work together to promote professional growth and support the gender balance. The network provides talks, training and mentoring opportunities along with a platform for discussing and addressing gender-based challenges.

On International Women’s Day 2020, the Jacobs Women’s Network in Ireland and Northern Ireland was relaunched. The network hosted an aligned branded cupcake event inviting all genders in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. A core focus of the aligned chapters is promoting and supporting the impressive, collective female talent within our sites and offices at Jacobs and within our wider community.

Jacobs Staff Supporting JWN Relaunch: Celebrating IWD 2020 (#EachforEqual)

The network has recently initiated its annual strategy and is looking forward to the year ahead. We understand the impact that the collective strength of our talented workforce can have in elevating and supporting employees to reach their own individual potential and we also actively work to inspire our wider community. We believe in the unique talents and strengths that each of our individual members brings and we value each member and their important contribution.

At Jacobs we believe that diversity powers our collective strength; that our differences can broaden perspectives, our connections build confidence, and that our collaboration inspires growth. As a company that tackles some of the world’s toughest challenges by joining forces, and collectively harnessing individual knowledge and imagination to solve problems, Jacobs understands that we’ll accomplish more together than we ever could alone.