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  • Understanding Unconscious Bias 30 Jan 2019

Understanding Unconscious Bias 30 Jan 2019

  • 21 December 2018

Understanding Unconscious Bias

Mary Carroll, Growth Potential

UCD School of Computer Science Wednesday 30 January at 6.30 pm. B0.03 Classroom/CS Lecture Theatre


We can only consciously process 40 bits of information at any one time. In order to survive, we have to make cognitive shortcuts based on our experience and background. The problem is that this results in some errors of judgement which can lead to unconscious bias in our treatment of other people and our decision making. We are all susceptible to it. It impacts individuals when assumptions prevent them from reaching their full potential and it impacts organisations when it prevents them from identifying, retaining and promoting the best talent available to them.


The talk covers

  • What is Unconscious Bias?
  • How does it manifest itself in the workplace?
  • The effects of unconscious bias
  • How individuals and organisations have successfully addressed unconscious bias.

This is a joint event of WITS and UCD Women@CompSci.

Mary Carroll

Mary Carroll is a Business Strategist and Coach, who started her career in design engineering and has held management consulting and senior management roles in engineering and business development. Mary is a former WITS Chair and has also worked for international aid organisations. Since 2010, Mary supports clients in strategy, business planning and inclusive leadership, including unconscious bias awareness, through her business www.growthpotential.ie.

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