Women in Technology and Science


  • 9 December 2021

31st WITS Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2021

Saturday, 27 November 2021 @ 11 am via Zoom.

The 2021 WITS AGM took place on Saturday 27th November 2021 online via Zoom. Thanks to all who attended from around the country. Here are some notes of the meeting.

Chairs Overview of 2021:

Last year WITS Exec adopted very ambitious Strategic Plan:

  • It drove the creation of Sub Committee structure
  • New Corporate Members
  • Increase on social media about the work that WITS do
  • The Executive focused on 4 pillars of work:

Advocating and advancing women in STEM

Proposal submitted to DHFERIS and meeting Minister Harris in a couple of weeks. Hoping to know soon and will share news with members.

Continue and create and promote events

Examples of these - eg Leadership Series, Student Series, 5th Mary Mulvihill lecture.


HerSTEM Skills Expert Think In with the DHFERIS Minister - following the 30 June event we’ve continued with root and branch consultation process and now consolidated all learnings and recommendations into a National Framework proposal and will be talking to the Minister about this.

Relevant and trusted source

Calling out sterling work of Marion Palmer through this year for the work on newsletter, website updates and all the administrative work required to get things moving. Particular thank you from the Chair for supporting her in the new role.

Our focus as we drive out of pandemic, leverage existing program and skilling opportunities to attract more women into STEM. Joining the dots – our role is to build partnerships and drive gender equity across STEM. Great example is Skillnet Women’s program and Dell's approach to it and this has just been showcased to clients of IDA.

We have a post pandemic opportunity to build upon any gains in flexible working and willingness to re-imagine work.

WITS is an important and respected voice that needs to be heard as we drive into national conversation about art of the possible, with potential and talent taking centre stage.

WITS is as strong as membership, volunteers, and Executive team - thanks to everyone’s energy and passion this year.

Plans for 2022:

  • Secure funding
  • Tender
  1. Skilling for Potential FRAMEWORK
  • Secure Funding through partnership
  • Establish Mentorship National CoP
  • Engage with national stakeholders to garner support
  • Continue to be trusted source
  • Relevant to all members
  • Unified comms and events program
  • Lead partnerships with key stakeholders
  • Build out corporate support
  • Leverage any opportunity post-pandemic to put Women in STEM front and centre