Women in Technology and Science

WITS at Inspirefest 2018

  • 28 June 2018

WITS was delighted to be at Inspirefest again this year with our student members. You can see the enjoyment on their faces - thanks to Ann O'Dea and all at Inspirefest for the tickets for the student draw. Find out about the two days here.

Our ten students included four PhD students - astrophysics, molecular biology, pharmacy and pharmacology and the six undergraduates represented engineering, informations systems, maths computing and zoology.

Their memorable moments:

  • 'Sometimes you need to knock on 99 doors just to hear one yes’ by Dr Shaun O’Boyle, who set up the House of Stem.
  • Inspirefest taught me so much about business and entrepreneurship and how we must continue to strive for equality both in the workplace and the rest of the world.
  • I was fascinated to hear from successful people on so many areas and from so many paths of life.
  • Dr Anne Looney, Head of Education at DCU and her 'phrase, 'play is the key to social innovation'.
  • "Unity is our Strength, Diversity is our Wealth".