Women in Technology and Science

WITS Chair 2021

  • 16 December 2020

Following the 2020 AGM, Dr. Andrea Johnson is honoured and delighted to elected as the Chair of Women in Technology & Science Ireland (WITS). WITS has a rich 30 year history, promoting, connecting and advocating for women in STEM across Ireland. As an independent, voluntary, and national organisation our voice is more important now than ever before.

As a senior, full-stack, technology leader with a PhD in Computer Science, Andrea wants to further our understanding of early-career female leadership and actively support future generations of women in their career and leadership conversations.

The WITS Executive Committee has just published an ambitious 5 Year Strategic Vision, setting out a clear goal to:

“Advance the retention of women throughout their STEM careers by researching, developing and sharing insights & best practice.”

WITS are embarking on an exciting next-step in their journey and will focus on research partnerships and campaigns which seek to understand why women drop out of STEM careers. This will be achieved by spotlighting best practise across industry and drive the conversation by promoting research based interventions. While examining why women choose to leave careers in STEM, WITS will also launch a “Women Returners” campaign to bring them back into STEM industries.

To mark the 30th anniversary, a “Women in Leadership” discussion series will be hosted over an eight week period from February to April 2021.

WITS members will have the opportunity to participate in a series of virtual and in-person events, bringing student members, individual, and corporate members together … networks have always been a real strength of WITS, and we will continue to promote and foster meaningful connections across sectors and industries bringing new and experienced women together.

Now more than ever women need to have their voices heard. If you’d like to find out more about the work that WITS do you can find out here on the WITS website.

Dr Andrea C Johnson