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WITS Chair Yoga 28 May 2020

  • 6 April 2020

WITS Chair Yoga 28 May 2020 @ 5 pm

Thank you for joining Sara de Miguel from Flowithme for WITS Chair Yoga on 16, 23 and 30 April and on 14 May 2020. We hope you enjoyed the sessions. Chair Yoga continues on 28 May 2020, thank you Sara.

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Times are changing and with change it comes growth. It is a matter of how you want to face it. There are many ways to face change and all of them are as good as each other. Chair Yoga is a form of yoga which has been adapted so that it can be performed sitting on a chair, making it incredibly applicable to daily office life. It is the perfect activity to break up those long sedentary periods throughout the day, helping improve postural and muscular problems.

Chair Yoga is run by Sara de Miguel Hernández, Life coach and corporate yoga teacher, Founder of Flowithme www.flowithme.com