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WITS Reads 13 December 2022

  • 14 December 2022

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WITS Reads 2022 has something for everyone. All welcome!

Feed your heart, and your head to enable your hand - the 3Hs framework is simple and effective because motivation precedes action. In keeping with our other efforts, WITS Reads aims to support women in STEM to reach their full potential. Members please email WITS to take part and to join the WITS Reads group on Goodreads. We typically meet the second Tuesday in the month (currently via Zoom).

Our 2022 reading

WITS Reads 13 December @ 8 pm

WITS members met on Tuesday 13 December @ 8 pm via Zoom to discuss Bitch: On the Female of the Species by Lucy Cooke. Goodreads calls this: A fierce, funny, and revolutionary look at the queens of the animal kingdom.

WITS Reads 21 June @ 8 pm

WITS members read and discussed Wilding by Isabella Tree (Science / Ecology). Broad ecology and excellent. Suggested by Jennifer McElwain • Botany at TCD. This 3,500 acre project tells an inspiring story of hope and rewilding with benefits for the land; economic activity and employment. Part gripping memoir, part fascinating account. With thanks to Jennifer for the recommendation.

WITS Reads 10 May 2022

We read and discussed s Girl Decoded by Rana El Kaliouby (Technology), This scientist's quest is to humanize our technology and how we connect with one another. As a Muslim woman in a white man's world, many women will relate. Rana el Kaliouby is a rarity in both the tech world and her native Middle East. Suggested by a book club member.

WITS Reads 12 April 2022

We read and discussed Women and Power by Mary Beard (Gender / History / Culture). If you are looking for a short, witty, thoughtful read, this is the one for you.

WITS Reads 8 March 2022

Built by Roma Agrawal (Engineering/Architecture). First up for 2022 was 'Built'. It explored the hidden stories behind our structures and started our WITS Reads for 2022. A previous read from Stemminist on Twitter. There was a great discussion on 8 March with a strong consensus that that was an excellent read and a great introduction to structural engineering.