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WITS Student membership

WITS Women in Technology and Science (WITS) was set up in November 1990 to promote women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Membership is open to women and men throughout Ireland involved in science, engineering, mathematics or technology. WITS works by advocating, acting and connecting women in STEM.

WITS student membership is FREE for all full-time students in higher education.

Join now and your membership runs until August 2019!

What we do for students?

  • Advocating: speaking for and with women in STEM, developing and improving policy and practice for us all.
  • Acting: campaigning for and with women in STEM to inform and educate about women’s participation in STEM.
  • Connecting: women in STEM at all levels, from students to professions, across all areas, from the life sciences to computing and engineering and in business and academia.

Why join WITS?

To get to know women in STEM and to contribute to women’s participation in STEM by connecting, acting and advocating for women as they learn, work and take part in STEM. It’s an opportunity at college level to get to know other women across science, technology, engineering and maths.

At WITS events you get to meet WITS members, women working in STEM, and opportunities to develop and establish your own network.

You can get involved by running WITS events e.g., pizza parties or by joining a subcommittee or by writing about your interests and student events for the WITS website.

How do I join?

To join, send us your name, course, college and year, using your college email address.

You’ll get a welcome email and then regular WITSWORDS newsletters and invitations to WITS events.