WITS Ireland Webinar: Complexity and Polarities in the Workplace with Anne Nagle

Thursday, March 28 · 12:30 - 1:30pm GMT

Please join us for a conversation with Anne Nagle on the topic of navigating Complexity and Polarities in the workplace.

In a previous time in her career, Anne worked in senior corporate roles in Manufacturing and Supply Chain. Working within these roles, Anne’s desire to deeply understand the impact of managing complexity within the workplace grew and she transitioned into consultancy, focused on leadership development.

Anne believes deep self-awareness is the cornerstone for development and, using techniques such as Immunity to Change and Growth Edge Coaching, helps clients see and understand how they make meaning of their experiences. She now supports individual executives and work teams to grow their capacity to thrive in complexity. Her extensive corporate experience coupled with her understanding of human development, including her own, helps create safe spaces for clients to surface places where they are stuck and explore new possibilities.

Anne believes that we each have more capacity for change than we think. She encourages her clients to be curious, courageous, and to challenge themselves to unlock their potential for change – greatly improving themselves and the culture of their workplaces. 

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