Insights from Advita’s Confidence Webinar

Just wrapped up an insightful morning at the WITS Ireland (Women in Technology
& Science) webinar! 

In the comfort of my cozy office corner, I had the privilege of participating in a webinar hosted by WITS Ireland that delved deep into the realms of personal and professional
development, focusing on building confidence and fostering growth. Here are some key takeaways that left a lasting impression on me:

1. Assessing Personal Values
The significance of introspection in aligning personal values with professional goals was highlighted during the session. Understanding what truly matters to you can serve as a powerful compass for decision-making, steering you in the right direction on your journey.

2. 90-Day Sprints for Goal Planning
Taking inspiration from my current practice with Workhuman's conversation product, the concept of breaking down goals into 90-day sprints was a highlight. This structured approach provides a clear roadmap for achieving milestones, making the path to success more manageable and achievable.

3. Avoiding the Comparison Trap
A friendly reminder resonated through the webinar not to succumb to the comparison
vortex of others; online posts and successes. Emphasising that each journey is unique, the session encouraged focusing on personal progress rather than getting caught up in external benchmarks.

4. Creating and Updating an Accomplishments List
I'm excited to start maintaining a list of my accomplishments on my phone. A simple yet effective way to acknowledge and celebrate personal and professional victories that you can reflect back on.

We were also treated to some fantastic book recommendations. I can't wait to dive into these gems and expand my knowledge! 

A heartfelt thank you to WITS Ireland for orchestrating such an enriching session. I am looking forward to implementing these insights into my personal and professional
growth journey. Here's to embracing change, setting ambitious goals, and thriving in
both personal and professional spheres! 

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