Unlocking Leadership Wisdom: A Conversation with Maurice Whelan, Founder of Unleash Potential

Unleash Potential offers a range of one-on-one and group training programmes in Executive Coaching, Leadership, Performance Growth, Mindfulness, Mental Health Wellbeing & Resilience and Diversity.

Founded in 2013 by Maurice Whelan, Unleash Potential are highly competent and experienced professionals with a wealth of experience and disciplines enabling them to provide the very best tailored solution to unlock the power within teams and businesses.

We sat down with Maurice Whelan, founder of Unleash Potential to get his top leadership and coaching insights. 

Origins and Inspiration:

Question: What inspired you to start Unleash Potential in 2013, and how has your vision for the company evolved over the past decade?

Maurice Whelan: “The inspiration to start Unleash Potential in 2013 stemmed from a deep passion for helping individuals and organisations reach their fullest potential. After years of working in various leadership roles in both the public and private sector, I recognised a gap in the market for bespoke training programs that not only focused on skills development but also on fostering a growth mindset and emotional intelligence. Over the past decade, my vision for Unleash Potential has evolved from offering standard training solutions to providing highly customised programs that address the unique needs and challenges of each client. We’ve integrated cutting-edge psychological research and innovative methodologies to ensure our clients not only achieve their goals but also build resilient, adaptive teams capable of thriving in today’s dynamic business environment.”


Impact and Success Stories:

Question: Can you share a specific success story where Unleash Potential’s training programmes significantly transformed an organisation’s leadership team or overall performance?

Maurice Whelan: “One of our most impactful success stories involved a mid-sized tech company struggling with leadership cohesion and overall performance. They were facing rapid growth but their leadership team was not aligned, leading to miscommunication and strategic drift. We developed a tailored program that included intensive leadership

coaching, team-building workshops, and strategic alignment sessions. Over six months, we saw a remarkable transformation: the leadership team became more cohesive, communication improved significantly, and they were able to align on a clear strategic vision. This resulted in a increase in productivity and a increase in employee engagement scores.”


Diversity and Inclusion:

Question: Diversity is a key aspect of your training programmes. How do you approach integrating diversity into leadership and performance training, and why do you believe it’s crucial for organisational success?

Maurice Whelan: “Integrating diversity into our training programs begins with fostering an environment of inclusion and psychological safety. We emphasise the importance of diverse perspectives in driving innovation and problem-solving. Our approach includes educating leaders on unconscious biases, creating frameworks for inclusive decision-making, and facilitating open dialogues around diversity issues. We also ensure our training materials and case studies reflect a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. I believe diversity is crucial for organisational success because it leads to richer ideas, more creative solutions, and a more engaged workforce. Diverse teams are better equipped to understand and serve a broad customer base, ultimately leading to improved performance and competitive advantage.”


Future Trends:

Question: As someone deeply involved in executive coaching and leadership development, what trends or emerging practices do you foresee becoming essential in the next five years for maintaining high performance and resilience in teams?

Maurice Whelan: “In the next five years, I foresee several trends becoming essential in maintaining high performance and resilience in teams. First, the integration of digital tools and AI to enhance personalised coaching and real-time feedback will be crucial. Second, a focus on mental health and well-being will become a central component of leadership

development, recognising that resilient teams are built on a foundation of psychological safety and well-being. Third, the shift towards remote and hybrid work models will necessitate new strategies for virtual team building and leadership. Finally, there will be an increased emphasis on agile leadership, where leaders are trained to be adaptable, quick

decision-makers who can navigate uncertainty and change with confidence. These trends will ensure that organisations remain resilient and competitive in an ever-evolving business landscape.”

Coaching Testimonials:

Pablo Gil Brusola, Co-Founder at PropHero.

“I highly recommend Maurice for anyone seeking expert coaching in their professional career. During our collaboration, Maurice demonstrated exceptional insight and a deep understanding of business challenges. His tailored approach helped me gain clarity on my goals and implement effective strategies to achieve them. Maurice is not only highly skilled but also incredibly supportive, fostering an environment of growth and accountability. He is a valuable asset to any entrepreneur looking to excel in their endeavours.”

Personal Leadership Programme Testimonial:

Deirdre Donovan, HR Director at Meta Ireland.

“Maurice is one of those rare leaders and coaches who cracks you open to get to the core of who you are as a leader with his own personal, unique brand of honesty, vulnerability, authenticity and care. His deep knowledge and expertise is instinctive and he teaches effortlessly through story telling, models and long established and trusted mental models. His level of preparation and commitment to personal accountability of those he partners is evident and powerful. I learned a lot as a participant on the 3 Day PLP but I also benefitted, and highly valued his aftercare. Checking in, advising on bringing the learning to life in the day job. I feel privileged to have met and worked with Maurice.”

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